The Company

The Aquapurif Company, founded in 1999, born with the purpose of providing the best service in the field of water treatment. We make available to our customers the latest equipment with the latest technology.

We provide an excellent quality of drinking water in the home, office, hotel, residences, industries and institutions.

Since its inception, Aquapurif working hard to satisfy their customers and provide solutions in water treatment to different market needs. Today with more than 8,000 satisfied customers and significant installed equipment, both industrial and semi-industrial and domestic, we can say that we are prepared to face the toughest challenges. Hospitals, nursing homes, municipalities, golf courses, catering business and food industries, among others, rely on us for the treatment of water used daily.

Our customers will always have a professional and comprehensive service for all your needs related to water treatment, finding one firm an important range of products and services, all of the highest quality.